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The SCOPAY app can be downloaded from


How do I use the SCOPAY app?

Parents who already have a SCOPAY account are able to login to the SCOPAY app with their existing username and password.   

For new parents, ask your school for an online link code to enable you to register. 


What can I do on the SCOPAY app?

  • Register your child's SCOPAY account 

  • Link children to an existing account using either a link code or QR code

  • Pay for school meals, clubs and trips and see live balance information

  • View the dinner calendar and order meals

  • View the club calendar and book club sessions 

  • Book Parents' evening meetings 

  • Give trip consent and link to your mobile calendar to add trip dates

  • Purchase school items for sale (such as uniform and revision guides)

  • View payment history/receipts

  • Set up alerts to be received by email or in-App for new items online, trip payment deadlines, low account balances, parents' evening meetings

  • Manage account information - password, email, billing details, payment agreements

  • Save card details

  • Pay with Google or Apple pay

  • Delete your account


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Important Information for Parents

If you are a parent needing assistance with your SCOPAY account, you will need to contact your child's school.  Let them have your email address (not password) and description of your problem.
Due to data protection restrictions, we are unable to help you directly.  However, we hope the information on this page helps. 

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