SCOPAY Parent Information Page

Parent Information Page

Parent Information Page

If you are a parent needing assistance with your SCOPAY account, you will need to contact your child's school.  
Let them have your email address (not password) and a description of your problem.
Due to data protection restrictions, we are unable to help you directly. 
However, we have included a few handy links for you below.

Create an Account and Pay:

SCOPAY Parent Guide - Managing Your Account  
SCOPAY Parent Guide - Making Payments 
SCOPAY Parent Guide - Alerts (for low balances, new trips and products, Parents' Evening Meetings)

Other Guides

Parents should check with school to see which of these options are available:

SCOPAY Parent Guide - Ordering Meals
SCOPAY Parent Guide - Booking Club Sessions
SCOPAY Parent Guide - Parents Evening
SCOPAY Parent Guide - Recurring Payments